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There's nothing worse than people talking about you, your organization, or your business and getting the story wrong.


You worked hard to develop your reputation. So why have it ruined simply because someone else is telling your story...and getting it all wrong.


The internet does not forget so how you respond in the first 24 hours of a crisis will define you, or your organization or business, for generations so why not let an expert help you manage the situation from the beginning so the real story gets out the first time, every time.

Elwood Public Relations


Strategic communications is about thinking ahead. Crisis management is about dealing with the issue head-on, right now. Public Relations is about you, your brand and your reputation. All three combine to create trust. And trust is simply the most important asset you, or your organization, will ever have.

Elwood Public Relations delivers more than results. We deliver trust.

Media Relations

We work on behalf of our clients to get you into the news or keep you out of it. We understand the media and what it takes to place the perfect story.


Did you know interviews aren't about answering questions. They're opportunities to convey you key messages and we'll show you how it's done.

Community Relations

Individuals, organizations or businesses that contribute to their communities gain residents' support, loyalty, and good will, which is critical to the long-term success of your reputation.


Public relations shouldn't stop once the crisis is over. Restore your brand and restore your reputation with proactive, strategic and effective communications.

Crisis Management

Crises do not ruin people, businesses and reputations. How you manage them can. We can turn a crises into opportunities.

How you respond to a crisis within the first 24 hours will define you or your organization.

Success comes to those who plan for it.


What's your plan?


At Elwood Public Relations, we use a four-step process that's simple, sequential and works.


Contact us to find out more and to learn how we can help evaluate where you stand today before the crisis hits.



If you're not anticipating the future, you might not have one.


Look beyond just the immediate needs you, your organization or business might have. There are many explosive issues that require immediate attention and adept communications and Elwood Public Relations can help.


We can help you navigate complex issues to a skeptical public, or help identify potential roadblocks and prepare you for greater success. We can help develop key relationships and build consensus on issues of importance to you or your organization.


We help generate awareness, educate and influence public opinion and decision makers so your story is told right the first time, every time.

Who Should Tell Your Story?